Different Types of Film Faced Plywood in China

Film faced plywood is a kind of hardwood plywood laminated with black brown or dynea film. The use of it is for concrete shuttering. The structure is sometimes different from normal commercial plywood. It needs better strength in the formwork cast.

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Film faced plywood made in China use three types glues, MR Glue, Melamine Glue, WBP Glue. Among them WBP is the best kind. It means water boiling proof. The WBP Dynea plywood can endure more than 48 hours boiling in hot water. MR glue is the normal kind. Melamine glue is better than MR and inferior than the WBP resin.

Core of the shuttering plywood are three kinds:
Finger Joint Core: made from recycled chinese poplar plywood
Softwood Core: made from new poplar veneer
Hardwood Core: made from eucalyptus veneer

Normally the buyer from middle east would require finger joint core or hardwood core. There is a balance kind COMBI core. It has some layers of hardwood and some layers of softwood. Could be a good choice for contractors and builders.