Film Faced Plywood Used in India

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The republic of India is a country in South Asia. It has more than 1.2 billion people, only after China. By land area it’s the seventh largest country in the world. India has seven neighbours: Pakistan,China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.India is also the largest democracy in the world by population.

India is a fast growing economy along with China. It’s a founding country of WTO and signed the Kyoto Protocol.

india film faced plywood supplier china manufacturer

Four major climatic groupings predominate in India: tropical wet, tropical dry, subtropical humid and montane. There aren’t too many forest in this country thus many of the wood products are imported rather than exported.

India is one of the largest market of film faced plywood in the world. Its booming construction projects have drive up the import needs of film faced plywood. It’s quite an phenomenon that at almost every construction site there are a lot of film faced plywood in use. It’s for cement shuttering and then it can be recycled to make low quality blockboard, which can be utilized again and save the environment.

As a manufacturer of film faced plywood, we are involved in the plywood industry for more than ten years. Starting from a veneering mill and oem site, now we are one of the major exporters of film faced plywood in China. Our committment to our suppliers get us low cost and our committment to clients get us many orders.