High-Performance Formwork Plywood – HIFORM™

Our company is a professional manufacturer of high-quality film faced plywood in China. We produce plyform for concrete forming in formwork and exterior construction. The phenolic board is structural when we apply phenolic A-bond between the core veneers. HiForm-Lite™ can handle the formwork construction of buildings lower than five stories. HiForm-Premium™ brand form ply is the number one choice when you look for the best quality. HiForm-Green™ is especially for high rise buildings. It can be used up to 30-50 times.

poplar film faced plywoodEucaplyptus WBP Film Faced Plywoodgreen pp film faced plywood
Plywood CorePoplar CoreEucalyptus CorePoplar Core
Plywood GlueMelamine WBP GlueMelamine WBP GlueMelamine WBP Glue
Overlay FilmBlack/Brown FilmBlack/Brown FilmPlastic PP Face
Quality GradeRepeat Use 5-10 TimesRepeat Use 15-20 TimesRepeat Use 30 Times

Choose The Right Plywood For Your Projects

We have a wide range of film faced plywood for different formwork buildings. As you can see above, there are poplar core and eucalyptus core. Poplar can handle most of the workloads. Whilst eucalyptus is a choice for premium boards. Offering middle east and africa market with finger joint poplar core which has the cheapest price.

If you are in stage building or truck trailer manufacture, you will need the anti skid and anti slip plywood with patterns.

plywood building


HiForm™ film faced plywood are widely used in formwork for concrete forming on both concrete slab and tilt walls.

hexa grip anti slip plywood

Hexa Grip

Film faced plywood with hexagon patterns or square paptterns are great for anti-slip flooring of stages and vehicles.

How is the plywood delivered?

Guidelines to extend the life of formwork plywood
  • Protect the panels from direct sunshine and rain
  • Store the plywood on a balanced crate
  • Oil the film face with a release agent before each use
  • Reseal cut edges
  • Clean the film face immediately after each use