Concrete nail is a nail that is widely used in fixing film faced plywood in formwork.

Before pouring concrete, the film faced plywood must be fixed on the rebar and it shall not move during the concrete pouring. Concrete nail is used to penetrate the hardwood plywood and fix them.

Unlike ordinary nails, concrete nails is made with high-carbon steel and it is very hard. Because the ordinary iron nails are not able to penetrate the plywood used for formwork.

In practice, the black concrete nails are used for formwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you manufacture the concrete nails?

A: China.

black concrete nail manufacturer in China
Black Concrete Nail for Formwork

Galvanized concrete nail is more expensive than black concrete nails.

Choosing the right nails for formwork

The first is the quality. Quality is essential for fixing the marine plywood.

The second is the price. Price is important for budget of any project. Black type concrete nails will reduce the price and save budget for formwork job.

For any concrete needs, you can contact concrete nail manufacturer in China.