We offer complete branding solutions for phenolic film faced plywood. It is important for wholesalers to have eye attracting branding. The branding has three key elements: Film, Edge Paint and Packaging.

Custom Film

Film ColorBlack Film, Brown Film, Red Film, Green PP
Film TypeChinese Made Film, Dynea Film
Film PrintYour Brand / Blank

Custom Edge Paint

Edge painting is normally the same as the film type to make it uniform in appearance. This means film faced plywood edge sealing can be black, brown, red, or green. The formwork plywood edge sometimes is painted grey which is the same as concrete colour. Grey paint won’t stain the concrete when the concrete shuttering wall is finished.

Custom Stencil

Plywood pallet stencil shows your brand name and business contact information. It is very helpful for spreading the good name of a plywood brand by its packaging. We can make this stencil either on the painted edges or on the outer packaging of the crates.

Why Make Your Own Brand?

Formwork plywood is a business that you need to get really close to customers. Sometimes you need to show up at the job site for customer service. There are many reasons to make your own brand. One reason is you can give customers direct customer service. The second is that marketing is easier for a local brand. It gives you advantages in service and payment, etc.