The film faced plywood is a type of marine plywood with the laminated phenolic coated film on both sides of the panel. The film quality is important because it has direct contact with the concrete and scratches. The quality of the film we are using now Chinese black, Chinese brown, Dynea brown, Dynea black. They are all phenolic or phenol coated with high resistance to scratches.

film faced plywood

The laminate layers are normally made in sheets. Dynea brand product is a little different. They are made into rolls others than sheets. The dynea brand laminate material is more expensive in price and has better quality than Chinese local made things.

After the factory make the plywood base board and sanded it, workers will lamiante the film on the board and go through a hot press process. The resin on the film will melt and stick the paper to the plywood smoothly.

Importance of Good Overlay Film

There are many advantages to use Dynea or good quality film. They are phenolic resin coated. This makes them more sticky and smooth after lamination. Compared with normal Chinese made products, the good one is stronger and smoother. The phenolic resin coated on the film is very important. The more resin coated the stronger the plywood is.

The black marine plywood is a basic building material in civil engineering. Its strength is determined by many elements. Our shuttering board are made with good film for good concrete finish achievements.

Anti Slip Film

Anti slip plywood are usually patterned with hexagon or square on one side of the plywood. Due to its high resistance to wear and slip, the anti skid plywood are used for flooring of stages and vehicles.

hexagrip film face
Hexagrip Film Face
wire mesh film face
Wiremesh Film Face