film faced plywood phenolic board WBP Plywood

Our company is a film faced plywood manufacturer in China. We have a lot of experience in manufacturing of phenolic film coated plywood and marine grade panels. During our marketing, we have been constantly improving the quality of our products and innovating all the time. We believe customers choose us because of the product quality.

Film faced plywood is a tough business. It relies heavily on the concrete formwork construction & truck/trailer manufacturing industry.

WBP Grade Plywood For Exterior Uses

Our company specializes in the WBP bonded plywood for extreme weathers. The strong phenolic bond makes sure the veneered are bonded together even in the rain. The slip resistant plywood can be used for truck and trailer flooring. Phenolic plywood can be used in extreme weathers like Philippines, Madagascar, Fiji and a lot more tropical islands.

Plywood Factory

Our capacity is not limited in the plywood industry. No matter the volume we can fullfill it. We have advanced film faced plywood production line to produce the quality plywood for construction and building needs of all clients.

Custom Branding

We are supplying Hi-Form brand film faced plywood to the building market. At the same time, we have complete branding solutions for plywood traders.