Common Problems With Film Faced Plywood

film faced plywood

The film faced plywood are mostly used as a concrete forming panels in the construction site. It is supported with LVL beams and poured with concrete. After the concrete cure, the film faced plywood can be taken from it.

film faced plywood for formwork

There are common problems with the film faced plywood used for concrete shuttering.

Film Crack

The bad quality film will crack under sunshine and rain. The main reason is the overlay film is not waterproof. Water can go through the filml so quickly that it swell the board before it is used.

How to fix this? Must use phenolic coated film with better thickness

Edge Swell

The plywood edge becomes uneven when they are layed up on the timber beams. The main reason is the rain goes into the veneer through the glue line at the edges. Edges are not protected well. This is a major problem because the uneven platform will not create an even concrete finish.

How to fix this? Must seal the edge with waterproof paint to stop the water going inside the plywood veneers.


Plywood bending within the tolerance are acceptable. If the bending is too much, formworkers have to reject it for concrete use. It becomes unfit for the job.


Delamination happens when you use the plywood too many times when it is not bonded with a permanent phenolic glue. Formwork is a temporary construction and it does not require the plywood to be structural. But if you can make the plywood structural with phenolic adhesive then it is better for many problems.

There are different glue types used for marineplex. They can be UF, Melamine UF or Phenolic glue.

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