Different Cores of Film Faced Plywood Made in China

Film faced plywood has been one of the most common and important building materials in the construction industry. With the more and more building projects on the market, the demands of shuttering plywood has been growing at a speed of more than 5% per year world wide.

pallet packing loading for plywood

The quality of film faced plywood is determined by many factors but most importantly it depends largely on the quality of its inner core. The cores of plywood actually is crossed layers of different species of veneers. In North China, for core material most plywood manufacturers is using poplar which is widely planted and cost lower. Poplar is not as strong as hardwood but it’s much lower in price and doesn’t compromise too much on quality. Hardwood core, however, is the top quality film faced plywood we can have. More shuttering process can be gone through. Except the poplar core and hardwood core, combi coreis a balance between them. Combi means combination of poplar and hardwood etc.

As a manufacturer of film faced plywood in China, we can produce the products in different cores at very fair price.