Film faced plywood material shortage cause higher price

black film faced plywood price up

Tianjin is one of the largest cities in China. It’s constrution projects is booming and Tianjin consumes about half of the shuttering plywood produced by neighbouring province Hebei province.

black film faced plywood price up
Since June of 2014, there is a very rare shortage of poplar logs in north China, especially in Hebei province. This condition drives up poplar prices and in the result cause the film faced plywood cost higher in Tianjin city.

Although there is a price increase it is not that obvious. Plus now it’s very hot summer and the needs is not very big in the market, the film faced plywood manufacturers are not asking for higher price. Some of the sawmills are not working without orders.

The 1830*915*13mm of Zhongchao Brands is 55 Yuan per sheet in July 20, 2014.